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May 18, 2011

My writing is imperfect and the stories I tell will be uncategorized and will sway from one topic to the next. A “blog” is a poor title for whatever this is, perhaps I should label it a travel journal instead.

Titled or not, the words to be written here are musings of a student traveling from Cairo to Ramallah over the next three months. I’ve always thought its best to wipe the pallet clean of expectations and hopes when traveling, therefore you are not disappointed and you allow your surroundings to dictate the topic of the day.

I’ve spent the past year in graduate school, stuck in a world of academia that has made me fully aware of all the crevices of Middle Eastern politics and history, but has turned me completely oblivious to the minds of the societies discussed in class. I feel enriched by my classroom education, but it has been made clear to me that there is an obvious void – the many voices and thoughts of the Arab world.

Thus, my task is to talk and listen to Egyptians whose lives have been uprooted by the “Arab Spring” and those in the West Bank that may or may not hope for the same.

Notebook and pen in hand, let the journey begin.

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