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Run for Your Piece

October 3, 2012

3 October 2012 – Washington, D.C. 
In Syria, people are running for their lives. In Washington, D.C. people are running after themselves.
The paradoxical reality of the “game” is most disheartening in times of war. In times of peace, the suits talk and spin words wanting another war. In times of war, there are strategies for peace, but by staring at the map on the table we cannot see the bombs going off behind our backs.

Several months ago, I wrote that our preaching for morality without practice has made the West guilty of employing the reaper in Syria. By playing a game rather than seeking to intervene for the sake of humanity, despite all of the grand costs an “expert” can rattle off, we forget to wipe the dots of blood from our grey suits and sharp ties. We sip wine and we complain about the castle’s bureaucracy. Oh, the bureaucracy is always to blame. Yet, bureaucracy has only become the scapegoat for our selfishness.

We are selfish because we refuse to take action while pretending like we care. We are childish for climbing over one another in a race to the top of the “I told you so” game. We are dogs chasing out tails, constantly amused by ourselves and our cardboard soapboxes of mighty power.

All the while, people in Syria are running for their lives.

Enough with the game, you can stop pretending now. All I see is make believe.

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