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Ctrl+Alt+Del Egypt

August 17, 2013

If you attempt to combine the keys of control + alt + delete, you will find your plea for a reboot unsuccessful. The control button is stuck in place, and the delete is not to be found. If this were a movie, you would find that the pause button is also missing, along with the remote control.

The sight is unbearable, but no one can find the remote. Blood soaked streets, blood soaked hands, blood soaked clothes. There is blood raining from the sky that forms pools on the ground. If you bend over one of these pools of blood you might see, in a glassy reflection of this red, a pair of eyes pulling you forward, hungry for more blood.

The dawn is red and dusk is black, and the cycle repeats in a circular motion that promises more blood for the hungry demons the next day. And to those who inhabited the bodies previously living by the grace of this blood:

May your dust run through the river, and may the people drink from it, and realize the peace that no one understood.

Image credit: Mosa’ab Elshamy

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